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We encourage everybody that visits this site to REGISTER if you're an Active, Dedicated and Strategy-Style player who plays YEAR ROUND. This website and group of owners is more than just a League. For Players who love Baseball and The Show, we pride ourselves on being a Strong Community for the right type of player and will always welcome Players who enjoy playing The Show the RIGHT way.

The Priorities here in the ESLB are as follows, in this order:
#1 -- Play a Realistic Strategy-Filled Baseball Game
#2 -- Respect your Opponent and the Game
#3 -- Win
So this is my soliloquy to all of you online franchise hopefuls. My name is Justin Teets (I-Iydroponics) and I am a die hard video baseball junkie. Ever since Triple play baseball on the OG playstation, I have been addicted to creating, maintaining, and executing a "stat-based", virtual baseball world. If anyone knows the card game, APBA baseball, I used to keep multiple years worth of Excel spreadsheets of made up stats, just because im that much of a baseball dork. But enough about me, I AM HERE TO CREATE AN ONLINE FRANCHISE THAT WILL THRIVE IN ACTIVITY AND DEDICATION. Are you sick of sitting in a group me chat, and having 12 people trying to iron out a ridiculous blockbuster trade, and meanwhile there are 0 franchise games occurring!?! Don't get me wrong im all for casual conversation and getting to know the people in the league, but when it becomes a social network instead of a gaming platform, that's where I have trouble with these leagues. Are you tired of having to pull out the laptop, going to a website, logging in, posting when my games gonna start, what the trade proposals are, people forcing you to write up mock articles, telling you to post the next time you take a poop.... well i'm "Sick and Tired" of it! MY LEAGUE WILL BE ACTIVITY FIRST, FRIENDSHIP SECOND. There are tens of thousands of people that buy this game every year, HOW HARD CAN IT BE TO FIND 30 LIKE-MINDED ADULTS THAT JUST WANT TO PLAY THE GAME TO CREATE STATS? yes winning is important, nobody enjoys losing, but the league cannont and will not succeed without players that understand the goal set forth by the commish. I will end this quickly, because like you im sure, nobody wants to read a gigantic list of rules, regulations, blah blah blah, that will all be set forth before the season begins, but THIS POST IS TO REACH OUT TO REAL BASEBALL FANS THAT ARE LOOKING TO FIND A HOME. if you have any interest in joining a league with quality people that want to play the game instead of trading their entire team, then quitting when madden comes out, POST HERE, ADD ME ON PSN FRIENDS LIST, CALL/TEXT ME (Tel # Removed) AGE IS NOT AN ISSUE, SKILL LEVEL IS NOT AN ISSUE, THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS TO ME IS ACTIVITY, ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE, AND DEDICATION TO THE GAME OF BASEBALL. if this at all resembles something that you are interested in please contact me in some manner, I know we have a little over a month until release, but to have a solid group of guys ahead of time is crucial to success. I have run successful leagues in MLB2k and bought a PS solely for the purpose of playing the show, and I would love to develop a group of guys that are as passionate for this hobby as I am. Thank you very much for your time, I hope this wasn't too much to read, but I just wanted to lay out some guidelines for what I hope to achieve over the next month and a half before release day. Again, plz leave any response below, just to show that you are interested, call me, text me, whatever, im available. No team selection or anything like that yet, PEOPLE THAT POST ON HERE "JUST TELL ME YOU AGE, LIST YOUR TOP 3 TEAMS" AND THEN IMMIDIATLEY ADD THEM TO THE PLAYER POOL CLEARLY ARENT DOING ENOUGH SCREENING OF THEIR APPLICANTS, AND THIS IS IN TURN WHY THEIR LEAGUES FAIL. DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS POST IF YOU ARE RESERVED TO PLAYING WITH ONLY THE BEST TEAMS, IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO JOIN AN ASSOCIATION AND PLAYING THROUGH THE ENTIRE YEAR WITH IE( THE ASTROS, PHILLIES, DBACKS, RANGERS) OR THE LESS SKILLED TEAMS, IM SORRY BUT THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. I AM ENCOURAGED BY PEOPLE THAT HAVE ENOUGH CONFIDENCE TO TAKE ON ANY TASK TO BE PART OF THE BIGGER, GREATER CONGLOMERATE. also with the addition of year to year saves, ideally, this is something that we carry forth to future releases of MLBTS, therefore teams that care not about the salary cap, rebuilding, outrageous contracts, this will all become relevant for your teams future. IM NOT TRYING TO BUILD A LEAGUE, IM TRYING TO BUILD A COMMUNITY.


Commish: Hydroponics
Site Admin: Slicksilverman

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