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    Post by Slicksilverman on Mon Mar 30, 2015 6:30 am

    Pitching and Hitting : HOF
    58 game round robin
    GP off, SZ off

    Bat however u want, there will be no restrictions on pci or camera angle or hitting interface, so do as you please. power swing every time, contact swing every time, I don't care.

    Pitch however u want, there will be no restrictions on camera angle or pitching interface or pitch repetition/lack thereof/strike % requirements, u wanna throw junk all game, u wanna throw the high fastball 8 times in a row, I don't care. Plate discipline and bat control are real things.

    Starting pitchers can only pitch 9 innings in a game
    Long Relievers can go 7
    Middle Relievers can go 3
    Setup and Closers can go 2

    Starting 5 man rotation must be maintained at all times. I will monitor this on the stat portion provided by the in-game functions. Spot starts and stuff like that I don't have any problem with, just don't let me go to your stats screen, one guy has 11 starts the others have 5 4 3 4.....etc. Barring trades, spot starts and call ups, all of your pitchers should have around 11 starts by the end of the season.

    Balks will be turned on, anyone that balk freezes (hopefully that goes away) automatically loses the game. Allow your pitcher's hands to come set before every pitch please, nobody likes to be rushed at the plate. Just like in real life, THE BATTER CONTROLS THE PACE OF THE AT BAT. Quickpitching is frowned upon, if your opp is consistently rushing to the plate to disallow leads, or rush decision making, ask him to slow down. If it becomes an issue, feel free to step out, practice swing, hit R3 and look at his pitcher while u get a lead. THE BATTER CONTROLS THE PACE OF PLAY. In the same statement, nobody wants to play 2 hour games, just play fair baseball please.

    Baserunning should be sim. If you go, you must go, no starting and returning to base, Ill give you one a game if you say, "oops I didn't mean to send him" lol, but the second one, his **** is out. 1st to 3rd is fine, just hope your guy has wheels, 2nd to home is only allowed on a ground out if the double play is attempted.

    That's pretty much it for the actual gameplay. If anyone (in this league) has any suggestions or additions, i'm all ears.

    Try to use your bullpen realistically. Your starter should not be pulled out before the 3rd or 4th inning without giving up 10 hits or 5 ERs (unless we r talking stretch or playoffs)

    Appreciate the stats. If you are losing 7-1 in the 3rd inning. Don't just start throwing fastballs down the middle to trying to end the game you know, focus on getting a one two three inning next inning for that guy's ERA. Take pride in your players and your baseball, make small victories. Don't inflate or deflate the stats please.

    10 game trade rule, meaning u may make 1 trade per 10 games, personally im not a huge trader, but I understand that people will be counting down to their 30th game so they can get that other trade in, but be logical plz, I have to approve all trades so plz make them legit.

    I hate that I even have to type this, but if we run into blue screens, freezes, disconnects, they will be treated just like rain delays. 5th inning is finished, that's who gets the win. This will be abbreviated if it is a playoff game.

    Win with class. Lose with class.

    I'm sure I'll add more stuff to this as we run into more issues, but I think this is a good start. Any suggestions, hit me up, lemme know what you guys think, thanks for your time and efforts, this league wouldn't be successful without yall.

    Additional rules that have come to fruition through the Spring league :

    No "bunt dancing" to distract the pitcher or disturb timing. u wanna fake a bunt on 0-0 with ur speed guys, or on 3-1-3-0, that's different than repeatedly pushing the bunt button to create input lag.

    No changing your pitcher mid at bat. You start the at bat with a pitcher, u finish the at bat with that pitcher, barring injury.

    You may only use a player in the field if he is at his primary or listed secondary position. Do not pinch hit/run if you do not have a replacement for that position in the field.

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